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Punta Bloodsport Gravedigger Hybrid


Peso 100 grains, 4 filos con un diámetro de corte de 1" 3/4. Pack de tres unidades.

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33,90 €


Gravedigger™ Chisel Tip Mechanical Broadheads

The Gravedigger™ is a hybrid head in the true sense of the term. The “cross opening” blade design greatly reduces the energy needed to open the blades compared to traditional “over the top” mechanicals on the market. With its exclusive fixed-blade mode, the Gravedigger can be shot as a 1-inch fixed main blade with 1/2-inch bleeders simply by tightening the set screw on the kickout blades. The mechanical blades are sharpened to the point, allowing them to penetrate the hide and deploying inside without sacrificing kinetic energy that is lost with other mechanical broadheads. With its patented blade-retention system, the Gravedigger blades stay closed in flight, but open on entry – every time. This hybrid head is a no-fail option for every bowhunter, giving you the best of both worlds.