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Arco PSE Brute Force Lite Kit FR



Kit completo de todos sus accesorios.

Arco Pse Brute Force Lite RH 60#.

Potencia regulable de 39 a 60 lbs.

Apertura regulable de 25" a 31".

Color Camo.

Ultima unidad en stock.

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558,60 €



Compound bow package from PSE. Great combination of price and performance.


  • 30" ATA
  • Everything included to let you head straight to the range!
  • Lightweight, easy to handle design - reduced weight compared to earlier versions.
  • Featuring PSE's highly adjustable Madness Hybrid Cam.
  • Smooth and comfortable draw cycle.
  • Delivers fast arrow speeds with 332 ATA rating.
  • High, 80% let-off for easy aiming - 65% let off module available seperately.

Package includes: Amp Sight, Whisker Biscuit rest, FX stabilizer, Raven quiver, PSE Neoprene sling, Aluminium peep and nock loop, supreme bowcase and 4x X-Weave arrows.

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