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Comedero automático Moultrie Econo Plus Kit


Comedero automatico Moultrie de facil colocación en cualquier recipiente o bidón ideal para colocar en nuestros puestos de caza.

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36,90 €


A photocell timer makes feeding simple, affordable yet extremely reliable while Quick-Lock modular technology offers tool-free assembly in a snap.

Mounting to the bottom of any barrel or hopper using Moultrie’s exclusive Quick-Lock modular technology, the Econo Plus Feeder Kit lets you feed twice a day, no programming necessary. Pattern deer activity on your property with an adjustable dusk setting, runnable up to 30 minutes before sunset, and enjoy the economy of UV-resistant plastic parts. To attach the Econo Plus Feeder Kit to your barrel or hopper, just insert the kit into the Quick-Lock adapter, twist and lock. It’s really that simple!


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