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Diana Hurricane Field Logic Storm II 20


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Medidas: 21"x4.25"x22"

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The new Storm targets feature the exclusive C.P.E. (Compressible, Packable, Expandable) technology. Storm targets come from the factory vacuumed sealed, and when you are ready to shoot, simply open the bag, shake it several times until it fully expands, stake it, and begin shooting. Every 50 shots or so, re-shake the bag to ensure consistent stopping power.
While portable and lightweight, the new Storm target is extremely durable and is designed to stop field-tipped arrows and crossbow bolts shot at up to 400 fps. Like all Hurricane targets, arrow removal is simple and can be done with just one hand. When finished, you can simply leave it as is or recompress the target with a vacuum and a vacuum storage bag for easy transport and storage.
The Storm measures 20x24x10 inches and compresses down to just 4 inches thick.

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