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Tubo Victory RIP 204 V6 Sport


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Victory RIP 204™ Elite, Gamer and Sport

The hardest hitting small-diameter arrow. 100% carbon fiber

The name speaks for itself … R.I.P. Combine the speed and penetration of the VAP and the durability of the VForce you now have an arrow shaft that combines the best of both worlds: the R.I.P. 204. A straightness tolerances of ±.001”, a smaller outside diameter (from the standard hunting shaft) and Victory’s Spine Alignment Process, make the R.I.P a great arrow shaft. Couple the R.I.P with the indestructible Top Hat Stainless Steel 60 grain insert or the slightly lighter 40 grain aluminium insert and you have a super hunting shaft. It’s FOC (Forward of Center) design offers ultimate long range accuracy and maximum impact for the world’s toughest animals.

Key features:

  • 100% Hi-Modulus carbon fiber for strength and durability
  • Small outer diameter for maximum speed and impact
  • Nano Ceramic “ICE” coating finish for ease of pull from targets and penetration
  • 7075 precision components
  • Spine aligned for increased accuracy and tighter grouping

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