Maletas y tubos porta flechas

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Caja porta flechas MTM Plus


Maletín para el transporte de flechas, fabricado por MTM.

Capacidad para hasta 48 flechas, con longitud máxima de 35".

Color negro.

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40,29 €


MEDIDAS: 36" x 10.2" x 5.2"


  • Holds up to 48 arrows securely and safely
  • Four roomy accessory compartments for releases, broadheads, hunting scents, etc.
  • Large comfortable handle with built-in broadhead wrench
  • Movable notched foam padding keeps arrow fletching protected and separated
  • For arrows up to 35" total length - Dimensions: 36" x 10.2" x 5.2" - 5 Year Guarantee - Made in USA

Made of luggage-grade plastic, the Arrow-Plus case is a secure way to organize your arrows bow accessories. It has the capacity for up 48 arrows (up to 35" total length), or 24 arrows and an average-sized quiver. Foam pads adjust to hold ultrathin arrows and up, in a secure and separated way. In addition, this arrow case can hold two removable sights by their sight bars. It was designed for the older removal sight bars and may not be able to hold the more modern removal sights. Four large compartments are designed to hold releases, wrist guards, tabs, stabilizers, scents, range finders, etc. The handle has a built-in broadhead wrench. When purchased in clear smoke color, a windows ban is at each end to be able to see inside, without having to open it.

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