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Scope Specialty Housing NE Cross 1 5/8



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Super Scope 1 5/8" Clear

SKU: 040-1

Super Scope features a easy-change modular system. Clear Space Age polycarbonate housing (the same material used in bullet proof glass) for additional light gathering. other distinctive features are quick changing rings which allow you to modify the lens or scope very quickly. This means the archer can have several different types of rings for various conditions and change them instantly. Optional Lenses, Glow Rings and Cross Hair rings sold separately.

The scope can change from right to left hand in seconds. Simply remove the thumbscrews and move the lens retaining ring to the opposite side of the scope housing. Scope rods are 10-32 heated steel.

The Super Scope along with Excalibur Lenses continue to be a dominate force in target archery. With Super Scope, the benchmark for accuracy and durability has been set. The winning results confirm exactly what our research data has proven, that a scope with a quality lens and adequate light projects a clearer and brighter image.

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