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Punta de caza Grim Reaper Fatal Steel


Punta de caza mecánica de tres hojas.

Pack de tres unidades + punta de entrenamiento.

Diámetro de corte 100 grains 1 1/4".

Diámetro de corte 125 grains 1 1/2".

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42,93 €


Product Description

Sharp as darts and SOLID stainless from the tip of the newly designed cut-on-contact and bone-splitting "Trocrazor II" tip to the solid stainless blade-locking ferrule, NEW Fatal Steel combines multiple pieces into a single blockbusting package. The same classic look as our original heads with a one-piece mean streak! Features our original "No O-Ring" design and shock absorbing blade spring to assure superior penetration with no deflection from any angle. Shaft and tip are engineered to extend far enough to provide start-up penetration just befo re blades arrive for true trajectory after impact and maximum follow-through damage. Combine the fastest-opening mechanical available with the one-piece power, strength, and tool-steel sharpness of a 100% stainless steel body. FATAL STEEL!

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