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Punta de caza Trophy Taker Terminal T-Lock Ver más grande

Punta de caza Trophy Taker Terminal T-Lock


100 grains,  1 1/16" diametro de corte , pack de 3 unidades.

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Product Features

  • T-Lock Technology
  • Single Piece Cut-On-Contact Ferrule and Non-Vented Blades Deliver Bone Crushing Strength
  • T-Lock Blade-to-Ferrule Connection Guarantees... No Lost Blades!
  • Thick Blades Can Cut Dense Bone
  • Terminal T-Lock is Made Entirely of Heat-Treated Stainless Steel for High-Impact Strength
  • Single Blade Design Cuts Larger Entry and Exit Holes
  • Metal Injection Molded
  • Available Sizes:
    100 gr, 1-1/16"