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The Easton Carbon Apollo is a product that Easton has been developing for some years in order to come out with a very competitive shaft in the lower priced carbon market. The Carbon Apollo is designed for the up and coming archer that is on a budget but does want to have real Easton quality! They are attractively priced between the Carbon One and the Flash. This shaft features internal fit components (same internal dimensions as Carbon One) and comes in 8 spines from 560 to 1200. They come in shaft only bundles or as arrows fletched with points loose.

The corresponding Apollo points are not available yet. A temporary substitute for the Apollo points can be the A/C/E or Carbon One points as shown in the Table below.

Shaft WeightSpineStock LengthRecommended Point SizeNock Pin Adapater
Grains Per InchDeflectionin InchesInches
12005.51.20027.5Apollo 1-Piece 50 GrainA/C/E
10705.91.07028Apollo 1-Piece 50 GrainA/C/E
9506.20.95028.5Apollo 1-Piece 75 GrainCarbon One -1
8406.50.84029Apollo 1-Piece 75 GrainCarbon One -1
7407.20.74029.5Apollo 1-Piece 75 GrainCarbon One -1
6707.70.67030Apollo 1-Piece 75 GrainCarbon One -2
6108.10.61030.5Apollo 1-Piece 100 GrainCarbon One -2
5608.40.56031Apollo 1-Piece 100 GrainCarbon One -2


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