Penthalon Bearpaw

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Tubo Penthalon Heavy Hunter


El tubo Penthalon Heavy Hunter es el tubo más pesado y resistente que podrás encontrar.

Atractivo acabado en color madera.

Selecciona spine.

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10,74 €


Together with Byron Ferguson, we developed an unbelievably robust carbon arrow. In addition, we were able to put into effect the unique looks of a spliced wooden shaft for the Heavy Hunter. Due to its heavy weight, Byron Ferguson's carbon shaft has additional great features for shots in the wild!

Simply an arrow which altogether turned out well!

It is ideally suited for use in traditional archery because it simulates the flight behavior of a wooden arrow perfectly. This should not come as a surprise because it also has the same weight as a wooden arrow. It is not for nothing that the most famous archer in the world has written his name on this carbon arrow.

"Unbelievably tough!" (Byron Ferguson)

  • Spine available values: 320, 400, 500 and 600
  • Straigthness: +/-006
  • Quality: 100% carbon
  • Look: Spliced timber optics (screen printing)
  • Delivery scope: only carbon shaft (nocks, inserts and points must be ordered separately)

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