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Shoulder Gard Recoil Eliminating Rifle Rest
Shoulder Gard Rifle Rest

The recoil reducing sling takes your pain away and does not get in the way while you are sighting in or testing loads.


Front Bag Pad

Front shooting pad is specially design to fit standard hunting rifles up to $3000 custom bench rest rifles. With our pads you do not have to remove the swivel screws to use our rest, like you have to do with other brands.

Shoulder-Gard at 54 pounds

With two bags of shot the rest now weighs in at 54 pounds. Because the flex base design, most people shoot it without any weight in it. Adding 10 to 25 pounds for the larger magnum rifles.

Shoulder Gard Rifle Rest

Also AR friendly

Gun Cleaning with MTM SGR-30

Range Cleaning - Hunting rifles do not have heavy barrels, so cleaning your rifle at the range every 6 to 9 rounds will keep your groups from opening up

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