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Cargador Moultrie bateria 6V Ver más grande

Cargador Moultrie bateria 6V


13,55 €


Keep your 6-volt batteries and your game feeders fully juiced at all times with Moultrie’s 6-volt battery charger.

Easy to use and easy to read, the Moultrie 6-Volt Battery Charger is must-have for efficient feeding in the field.  Increase the utility of your feeder and game camera batteries with this very worthwhile purchase.  An LED light changes color when the attached battery reaches a full charge, and a trickle-charge feature ensures your batteries get only the charge they need and no more.


  • Float charger won’t overcharge batteries
  • LED light indicates when battery is fully charged
  • Saves time and money 
  • 6-volt charger output


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