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Placa solar Moultrie Power Panel


Panel solar y bateria para comederos automaticos.

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53,72 €


A solar panel and 6-volt battery in one, this time- and money-saving solution eliminates unnecessary trips to your feeder just to change the batteries.

■ Use with a rechargeable 6-volt battery or as your feeder’s sole power source
■ Varmint-resistant, 5-foot-long cord allows for optimal placement in the sun
■ Built-in battery indicator
■ Compatible with any Moultrie feeder with an external power port

Now with redesigned connectors, this deluxe panel plugs into any 6-volt feeder for the ultimate in solar-powered convenience.

Keep your game feeders running strong with Moultrie’s 6-Volt Deluxe Solar Panel. Redesigned connectors allow you to plug the solar panel into any 6-volt-battery-powered feeder while retrofitted alligator clips work with feeders purchased before June 2007. A trickle-charge feature maintains battery life and prevents overcharging.


  • Redesigned connectors for universal compatibility with any device powered by a 6-volt battery
  • Retrofitted with alligator clips for June 2007 and earlier feeders 
  • Trickle charge maintains battery life without overcharging
  • Compatible with any Moultrie feeder with an external power port
  • Not compatible with Moultrie game cameras


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