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Comedero Moultrie Feed Station Pro


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Moultrie Feed Station Pro

This gravity deer feeder is all the perks of Moultrie’s Feed Station with an upsize. The Feed Station Pro holds 80lbs of feed, requiring less trips into the woods to refill your feeder.

Simply strap Moultrie’s Feed Station Pro to a tree—no batteries, programming or assembly necessary. This durable, Moultrie Green UV-resistant plastic gravity feeder holds 80lbs of feed, making frequent trips to refill your feeder a thing in the past. The Feed Station Pro offers surprising versatility, dispensing a variety of feed types, from corn to protein pellets to powder supplements. Food stays dry with water draining from weeping holes on the bottom of this Moultrie feeder. Two weather-resistant straps are included for mounting the Feed Station Pro to a tree or a T-post.

  • Gravity-driven through design
  • 80lb capacity
  • Durable, UV-resistant plastic construction
  • (2) straps for tree or post mounting included
  • No batteries or programming required
  • Weeping holes for water to drain to keep food dry

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